Somewhere Else

by Garden

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Ian Anderson sors de ce corps ! Bon, malgré une prod qui manque de relief (et un chant qui n'est d'habitude pas mon type), il faut dire que Garden réalise un bon album grâce à des compos qui tiennent la route et surtout l'apport d'instruments variés (flûte en tête). Bref, prometteur ! Favorite track: Waiting for Fireworks.
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Garden's second EP, recorded Summer 2013.


released September 21, 2013

Lauren Bain - flute
Samuel Bradley - bass guitar, lead vocals, tuba
Dan Glover - piano, vocals
Chris Grieve - cello
Patrick Jamieson - guitars, vocals
Matilda Nordqvist - violin
Cameron Kuronen-Stewart - clarinet, saxophone

also featuring:
Hannah Bradley - vocals
Greg Thornton - vocals
Jack Webb - saxophone, vocals

Composed by Samuel Bradley
Mixed & Mastered by Samuel Bradley




Garden Edinburgh, UK

Garden is a Scottish progressive/art rock project led by Sam Bradley.

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Track Name: Overture for the Divided
The turn of the century, the lunar fall
The eyes in the heavens, the end of all
The death of perfection, the Considerate, moved, searches his conscience,
"I've found a way to save this, the Architect is blameless,
my oils have found a purpose, I'll paint the new with the old, and save his soul."

So, from naivety is born division
Onto the canvas must be drawn every soul
To cover tracks he must do so with swiftness,
and in this act deny one the right to be whole

Onto the canvas must be drawn every soul, every deviation
to satisfy, and so too undermine a game of Gods and dice

A traveller walks across these lifeless lands,
gathering pieces strewn across timeless sands.
Cloaked, emerging from the desert,
waiting for this world's end to seize its treasure

But what of he that is not one,
he is the one forgotten,
and how he longs to gather his pieces,
how he longs for oneness

Onto the canvas must be drawn every soul, every deviation
to satisfy aesthetic intention divine.
But what if the plot should twist?

Emerges the ever-silent, the ever-watching
Climb the last step just to find another stairway
Track Name: Leaving Home
I remember a time, not so long ago
I sang of the day I'd escape
I remember her eyes, watching every step,
lest I should wander too far
But the song did not end, I sing it still
waiting for perfection to find me
Close to the garden, close to the shore
in a world of symmetry angels, Full Moons & Pretty Things

Long since words were my vice and my affection lay sleeping in memory,
against all odds I saw hope nurture faith,
their conception made quite sure that I would dream again
But this time I won't rest my eyes
How can I afford to be blind to the sunrise?
Searching for obsession to save me from sleep
Longing for sensation to bury me deep this time

Meet me at 4 in the morning on Queen St.
Meet me at St. Andrews with a smile unpainted
I've been running 41 to 44 so long I don't know which way is North

Meet me at 4 in the morning on Queen St.
Meet me at St. Andrews with a smile unpainted
Build me a bridge that won't burn under each new day's light

Yet I drift through Wardrop's Court to keep the memory alive,
stuck on every corner I imagine you're behind
After so long you would think I'd have moved on
but I still stay right here

It's easy to recall childish visions of the future,
from the 10th floor panorama
When life moved in chapters steadily towards the sea
and love fulfilled the need for drama
Track Name: In a Garden
We went down by the river, we lay down by the sea
We watched time pass together as we aged endlessly

Down by the weeping wellspring,
a mere passerby, I'll test the waters,
taste the waters, in health & sickness

Under the shadow of your throne
Under the spreading chestnut tree
I still remember long ago,
in love's lonely garden she changed me

The wireless crackled on and played a year-long song
It reminds me of you
Every word, every verse

Under the shadow of your throne
Under the spreading chestnut tree
I still remember long ago,
in love's lonely garden she changed me

In the end all will be forgiven, but let's tread lightly 'til then
Track Name: Waiting for Fireworks
I awoke at noon to find the day had passed me by,
somewhere 'long the winding path my dreams took me last night
I saw myself in 5 years' time, Somewhere Else in paradise
But the morning always comes, the work is never over

But I can't bear the silence, I crave event and violence
Page-turning, eyes held skyward,
we await the sound of fireworks

Lifelike, on Quartermile, we watch the world go by
How I wish, how I wait
Like fishers at an empty lake, we wish and wait

I looked inside myself today
Alarmed at what I'd found in the dusty corners of my mind
A wish to sleep forevermore, to find a place to hide

From what I'm seeing, I'm reeling
Could it be true that I'm merely watching hours drifting away
on the winds of "not today"?
Oh how I wish to peaceful, watching life from a distance
Oh how I wait for the day

I awoke at dawn to find the meaning still unclear
Though the clouds were blinding hope was hiding somewhere at the edge of sight

I wish to walk unbroken ground but something's in the way

After the fireworks, after the smoke cleared at last
I was left with a lingering feeling, one of emptiness and doubt
I spent my whole life in wait for the climax, just to watch the curtain fall
After all, resolution will not wait for New Year's Day

I wish to walk unbroken ground in body and in mind
I won't crave the end this time
Each restful night a currency to trade against my own posterity

Waiting for fireworks has taken its toll on me,
but I might just stay and rest here for a little while longer
Track Name: The View
Somewhere Else,
Somewhere Else the tide awaits,
Somewhere Else the child awaits a sign,
Somewhere Else the tide is waiting, but the child awaits a sign

Gazing towards the horizon,
I felt at once here and elsewhere
The line I drew divided me in two
Into or in from the outside I grew,
and the branches kissed the roots
Where I live is between the island and metropolis,
waiting with the silence

As the end of the road drew near,
I realised at last that no matter where I am
I want to be Somewhere Else,

far away, where the sun retains its majesty,
curled with a comforting memory.
Past lives of Nowhere, Nobody

Quiet, the city conspires with the night to drive me out,
back to the garden where I belong
I can't cross The Rift

I could show you the view from here,
but I fear you would not see what I see
After all, the ellipsis horizon paints a lifelike frame
and it's easy to get lost in a place we never reach

As the end of the road drew near the horizon beckoned
and for all of the miles I'd come, I felt like leaving home